One of my reasons for loving the Fuji system is the Jpgs and the film simulations. Alot of the film sims I use is on a site called Fuji Weekly. Tonights sim is called John Davenport Night. Head over to Fuji Weekly and check it out and it will give you a link to see John Davenports edits..
Now keep in mind, he shoots with a fuji x100v and x-h1,and he shoots in raw, then he edits to his style. Fuji Weekly has come up with a sim SOOC to match his work, its pretty close......I also threw on a Black Pro Mist 1/4 filter.
Now the ones below are another Sim I found,(I believe on youtube) called....Kodak Vision3 500T....What do you think?
As always,Thanks for looking and Get Out and Shoot!

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