I wanted to get a crown graphic 4x5 but the question was did I want to start developing 4x5 negs, then have to look for another enlarger to make prints for 4x5.......Then I happened to come across this beauty, a Graflex Crown Graphic 23.Now the 23 means 2x3 negative, which I wasn't interested in looking for, but what made this why I wanted it was the Graflex 120 roll holder that attached to it.
This is beautiful, a 120 roll that has 6x9 negs,8 shots per roll. I was surprised at the shots that came out of this first roll. This camera also has a Kalart synchronized range finder on the side and the lens is a Kodak Ektar 101mm f/4.5. The film of choice for this first adventure was Fomapan 100. 
Really enjoyed using this for the first time and already have a roll of Kodak Tmax 100 loaded for the next adventure,Cheers.

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