1 Camera    1 Roll
Camera...........Nikon FM / 105mm 2.5 lens
Film................Ilford XP2super 400 
Developed C-41
Scanned Epson V550

XP is a chromogenic black and white film from Ilford photo.It was launched to great acclaim at photokina in September 1980, and went on sale in January,1981.It has since progressed through a number of versions, with XP2 Super being the latest. As of 2018, IlfordXP2 Super and Fuji Neopan 400CN are the only black & white films on the market that can be developed using the C-41 process.
As a chromogenic film,XP2 can scan well because it avoids the limitations of digital ice, plus it has a similar exposure latitude to color negative films. It can be exposed with an exposure index from ISO50 to ISO800 on a single roll and be developed in traditional C-41 processing.
These were shot at box speed,ISO 400....and I developed in C-41 processing....
The advantage of shooting XP2 is being able to use different ISO settings on same roll of film, then develop in C-41 processing....next roll I am going to use more ISO settings on same roll and see results. 

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