Going back to my film days, one of my favorite films was Portra400. I loved the pastel colors.When shooting film if it was rated 400,you would shoot it at 400iso,or push it to 800 or 1600iso. I very rarely shot it at anything other than 400.
Now why I've switched to Fujifilm X-series is because you can simulate different film stocks. Fuji X weekly is one site you can get a lot of different film simulations, credit to Ritchie Roesch, 
I did change a couple of things, the shadow and color. Also a lot of simulations i see have the iso set to auto, which i changed to 400, because shooting film i never shot at auto iso, most of the time it was shot at box speed.......and changing to 400 iso i find a big difference. I will post settings at the end........also these photos are SOOC.
Also WB ...... r:+1  b:0

We all have are opinions, after shooting a lot of film, this is my version of Portra 400.

Thanks for looking !! Cheers !!

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